Trevo Back Office

Trevo is a global network marketing company based out of Oklahoma that is known for their revolutionary drink made from 174 ingredients found in nature that provide your family with a quick, delicious, and easy way to restore, renew and revive their bodies.


Product Design


iOS and Android


UI Screens, UX Flow and Prototype

Project overview

The challenge of this project was that I wasn’t given much direction in where to take this project. I had their old website as a reference and a list of some of the common issues with it, and the rest was up to me. I’m still finalizing a few sections but the overall foundation has been set.


I wanted to achieve two things with this design and it was functionality and usability. The main problem was usability. Their current site is difficult to navigate and difficult to understand. I spend the majority of my time focused on how to users journey through this site would be and how I could simplify it enough so a first time distributor could use it but also complex enough that an experienced distributor can have access to all the reports and features they expect.

I also wanted the site to feel more like a CRM and less like just a regular old website. I wanted it to feel like a place where you would feel at home managing your business.


An extremely thought out CRM site that is user friendly and ready for new Trevo distributors to easily run their business.