About Me

Your purpose in life should be to find what you love and do that every day for the rest of your life. Designing is what I love and it’s what I will do until my last day. I am a self-taught UX Designer who pushes himself to learn more every day and grow as a person. Outside of design I write articles, mentor young designers, and build things.

My Story

My story starts when I dropped out of college, to get a job to support my family. Being the only source of income in my household I couldn't afford to take a Bootcamp, but I had skills as a graphic designer. I leveraged those skills and built upon them to transition into UX.

Design isn't everything

I love what I do, but my family is at the backbone of everything I do. I work hard as a designer to give my family the best life possible. The little man to the left is my driving force. He's the reason why I push myself to be the best designer I can, and he's the reason that I was able to overcome the odds. I'm showing him that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

My experience

This is a brief overview of my most recent work experience.

Dec. 2021 - Present

Sr. Product designer - LinkedIn

Nov. 2020 - Present

Co-Founder - Black UX Labs

nov. 2020 - Present

UX Mentor - DesignLab

July 2021 - Nov. 2021

Sr. Product Designer - NerdWallet