Strong by Trevo was created to provide people with everything they need to build the body of their dreams. From their supplements to their gear and now their app they are revolutionizing the workout industry.


Product Design


iOS and Android


UI Screens, UX Flow and Prototype

Project overview

The challenge of this project was to give the users an easy to use interface to communicate with their trainers. This app is built on accountability. It is meant for the user the to submit what they eat and their cardio workouts to their trainer so they can be held accountable and to keep them on track for their goals. This most difficult aspect is to build in user notifications to help remind users to go into the app to track their information.


User Research

I started this project by performing interviews with the small group of personal trainers, and their clients that would be using the app to start. We wanted to understand how this application was going to be different from other fitness apps. The think that stuck out was accountability. Through talking with users it was important to make sure it was as easy as possible for people to be able to track their information as quickly as possible. When you are asking somebody to make these interruptions in their day to interact with an app then it needs to be a frictionless process.


I then began to ideate and make some rough sketches on the happy path for users. I aimed to achieve this by keeping the elements in the UI to a minimum and any adding additional content that was absolutely necessary to keep users from getting confused.


I felt that it was necessary to add a few other components to the app to make it feel more complete and give the user a reason to use the app on more of a regular basis. To do this I incorporated a workout sections and a recipe section. These sections go hand in hand with the accountability side of the app by giving the users workout options and healthy food options that are approved by their trainers to help them with achieve their fitness goals faster.

To round out this app I added two more things. The first is a progress tracker where you upload photos of yourself every few weeks so you can visibly track your bodies transformation. The next was a shop section where the user can purchase the products that Strong has to offer that will also help them on their journey.


The result was a great concept that we were eager to test with a small group of trainers to see how effective this approach would be in keeping their clients on track to meet their goals. Once testing is complete I can look onto the next phase of improvements by adding additional functionality like direct messaging, notification, and virtual training sessions to make this an all in one fitness app for all.